June 22, 2016


Those Weekend golf Guys

We Talk A Good Game! And do it twice every weekend.

Take one of the country's top golf instructors and pair him with an outstanding  radio personality and you have the formula for one helluva Golf Talk Radio Show.

John Ashton (the show host) has enjoyed success as a morning personality on radio stations from Bangor, Maine to Dallas, Texas. He's also embarrassed himself on many golf courses in the same locations. John is a hacker, struggling to break 80 (OK, 90) but has a passion and enjoyment of the game, a skewed sense of humor and an outlook that makes this the most entertaining Golf Show around.

Jeff Smith, PGA (the show's co-host) is the Director of Instruction at Otter Creek GC in Columbus, Indiana. He enjoys the innate ability to create word pictures so, even on the radio, his tips and techniques to improve your game are clear, easy to follow and help listeners cut strokes on their very next round.

Saturday morning at 8 and Sunday morning at 11 you can listen to Those Weekend Golf Guys talk about how to have more fun on the golf course. And we highly recommend you do just that. Golf is fun. Talking about golf should also be fun. With The Golf Guys, it is!

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