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Laura Bryna is a force of nature, a throwback to the all-around entertainers who can’t just sing, dance and act, but is a radio talk show host, a children’s book author and an outspoken advocate for our military. Her new music, produced with Grammy-winner Damon Sharpe (Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Big Time Rush), represents a major stylistic shift for the country star.

The first new track, “Sweet Revenge,” is a banging ‘80s New Wave number that recalls Blondie, even though it’s Damon Sharpe production that puts it firmly on the cutting edge.“It’s been an amazing experience working with Laura on her ‘reinvention,’” says Sharpe. “She is a true talent and has a clear vision of who she is, while still being open to creative input. I think her fans will be pleasantly surprised with the new sound we have crafted.”

“I want to continue making music and seeing where the dream takes me,” says Bryna, who is taking acting lessons “just in case.” “Music is like a tree, with all those branches coming from it representing opportunities. I’m prepared for whatever life has in store.”

Laura has attracted some pretty impressive collaborators on her path. “For me, it’s the whole team that makes my wishes come true,” she says. “This is no ‘I’ in team. When you work as hard as we do, to finally see it all start to come together is a ‘pinch-me’ moment.”

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